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March News

Things are getting better and better for Epicurean! We have had an amazing month regarding improvements in all areas… we are delighted that all Epicureans have picked up on the internal booking system quickly and have started to share more content on social media.

We have seen some great efforts this month… Sekuwa have purchased a new banner, Singaporean have created a wooden menu with matching wooden banner, HelloMe have created a great atmosphere with their Spanish beats at the Riverside market and made great efforts on Instagram, Nick & Greek have grown their team, Cajun Chilli Club have made huge efforts on Instagram to promote their new re-brand and sales have risen for all with the delightful sunshine!

We have received great feedback from customers and surrounding businesses, plus the cleanliness of the sites have improved massively since last year!

In the upcoming month we hope to get to know all of our traders better by interviewing them to create content for social media and eventually start a YouTube channel to improve brand awareness for all involved in the Epicurean team.


All should be aware that today we announce who we think deserves to be crowned the trader of the month for February’s efforts…

The winner has been chosen based on

  • Social media engagement
  • Quality of food
  • Improvement on set up appearance
  • Customer service and team work
  • Promoting Epicurean on Instagram

The award goes to CAJUN CHILLI CLUB for their re-branding, engagement with Epicurean management, social media engagement, cleanliness, presentable packaging and dedication to the St.Giles market!

Thank you Adam for all of your hard work and cooperation!

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  1. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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